The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist FREE PRINTABLE INCLUDED

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

Whether you are a blogging newbie or a blogging veteran, it can be easy to accidentally overlook a few things before you publish your blog. This is when my blog post checklist comes in! Check over each and every little detail that applies to your blog and then confidentially hit that publish button!

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The ultimate blog postchecklist
The ultimate blog postchecklist
  • Is the title of your blog post short and catchy?

  • Will the content be of value to your audience?

  • Are ALT tags applied to all images?

  • Did you proofread your content?

  • Check all links to make sure they are all working.

  • Attach all necessary content, such as downloadable files.

  • Did you include at least one pinnable image?

  • Is your post Search Engine Optimized? (Use the Yoast plugin for WordPress users)

  • Is your content of an appropriate length?

  • Did you include any related content from your archives that may be relevant?

  • Did you include any relevant affiliate links?

  • Is your key message clearly conveyed in your content?

  • Are you using an appropriate tone?

  • Remove any unnecessary ramblings in your content.

  • Shorten any lengthy sentences.

  • Read the post aloud to accurately identify errors or awkward readability.

  • Shorten lengthy paragraphs.

  • Limit modifiers such as ‘really’, ‘very’ and ‘so’.

  • Eliminate unnecessary jargon.

  • Have you included at least one link in your post?

  • Add a solid keyword.

  • Avoid keyword-stuffing.

  • Include a clear featured image.

  • Is the correct author listed?

  • Is the blog listed under the appropriate category?

  • Were appropriate tags added?

  • Have you included any credits to images you don’t own?

  • Have you checked the preview of the post to ensure it displays correctly?

  • Use bullets and numbering where required.

  • Include relevant links that will back up your findings.

  • Include hyper-links where applicable.

  • End content with a call-to-action. Such as ‘buy this product’, ‘share this’ or ‘leave a comment below’.

  • Include sharing buttons for social media.

  • Have you given credit to all of your sources?

  • Have you included all appropriate multimedia?

  • Was this topic thoroughly researched?

  • Include proper disclosures, such as when you are using affiliate links)

  • Is your post complete?

    The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

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