Top Five Things to Eliminate From Your Life to be More Happy!

What is the main thing that many people want out of life? Money? Beyond any doubt! But having cash doesn’t bring you joy (It could possibly uplift you a little though!). And isn’t that what everyone truly needs out of life? Happiness?

Well here is a Top Five list I have put together, in order to help you to become a more happy and positive you, by eliminating five things in your life today!

1. Stop Habitual Pettiness

Regardless of whether you point the finger at yourself for everything or you are looking at every other person to blame for everything, let it go! Everyone can go on and on pointing the finger at each other and it will never end. It doesn’t improve how you feel, it just makes you furious at the general population who are to be faulted, regardless of the possibility that that individual is you. Quit refusing to accept responsibility for the issues at hand and begin searching for an answer.

2. Stop Looking for Everyone’s Approval

Be mindful so as not to give such a large amount of yourself to others that you wind up totally losing yourself in the end because honestly, you are never going to be able to please everybody.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I know this is difficult to do when seeing these beautiful people everywhere on T.V and magazines with these rock hard, awesome bodies that you would die for! But it is important to accept that you are who you are and to love yourself!

4. Take a Break from Your Phone

I admit, I am guilty of spending too much time on my phone. Sometimes it is out of necessity  but most of the time it is honestly just out of habit and I know that I am not the only one who does this! I find myself just sitting there and feeling this urge to just pick up my phone and taking a look at it for notifications, any new messages, random google searches or to just look at the time (mind you, I forget what the time was as soon as I put the phone down so I end up picking up my phone again and having another look!) But I realized that I am missing out on so much when I am just on my phone. The biggest thing for me is missing out on actually being present with my children when I have the phone with me at home. I can’t say here that you need to eliminate your phone from your life because let’s face it, we do need them! But instead, limit the time you spend on it. I am now sure to keep the phone at bay for certain parts of the day and night.

5. Stop Living in the Past

There is no point in sitting there complaining about things that happened years, weeks or even days ago. What has happened, has already happened and there’s no changing that. Move on with your head held high, live in the moment and be happy!