My Top Five Children’s Books

Reading to your children is an effective way to help your child learn and use their imagination. I love reading to my three little love bugs every night before bedtime. It is a special time between just my children and I where we can go on amazing adventures together just by a turn of a page. My children are aged 1, 2 and 3 years old at the time of this post, so the books listed are books that I find appropriate for them as they will never sit through something like a Harry Potter book. So anyways, I am going to share with you my top five children’s books that both myself and my children enjoy.


1.The Cat in the Hat You know very well that we absolutely must include this classic children’s book to the list! My kids love both the book and the movie. It starts off with a pair of bored children, stuck inside the house because of the rain. And all of a sudden a cheeky cat appears and causes havoc, but it’s all in good fun! My children love the nonsensical rhyming and think it’s hilarious when I become tongue tied! The sequel, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is another favorite of ours too.


2.The Very Hungry Caterpillar AnotHungryCaterpillar.JPGher classic! The children find this book to be quite entertaining as they turn each page only to find the holes in each bit of food that the hungry caterpillar goes through. It is of course about a caterpillar who is constantly hungry and so he keeps going through the book eating different kinds of foods. I do always quietly think to myself though, maybe the caterpillar wouldn’t be so hungry if he would just eat the entire portion of food in the first place, instead of just making one hole hmm..


3.Bears in the Night This A151818.jpgis a book that I used to read a whole lot when I was a little girl.The story is about the bears hearing a strange noise in the night and they decide to go out to investigate. It is very simply written but it still manages to take you on a great adventure! It was for sure my favorite book then and I have to say it still is as it reminds me of when I a little girl flicking through this book and going on this spooky adventure with the bears and I love it how I can now read this book to my own children and I also enjoy it every time I do.

green sheep


4.Where is the Green Sheep?  This book is by an Australian author and it was actually given to us by our local library as a gift in a pram book sort of thing. It is a mini cardboard book which is attached to a clip that attaches to the pram so when we go out, they always have that handy with them. It is basically about trying to find this green sheep, which you end up finding at the end. It’s simple and the kids enjoy it.

5.I’m a Dirty Dinosaur This is another book that was kindly given to us by our local library. I’m a dirty dinosaur is a favorite of my kids as they are obsessed with dinosaurs and mud! It is about a dinosaur who gets very messy rolling around in mud and in the end he has a bath in the pond and becomes a clean dinosaur. It has very simple illustrations but the kids love it!