Kobo Glo HD vs Kindle Paperwhite – Which eReader is the Best?

By now, it is obvious that eBooks are ever so popular! The main reason why is because of their convenience. Whatever you desire to read at any time of the day (or night), can be right in your hands within minutes by downloading the book straight to your device. Plus it’s a space saver! You can carry around your entire library, hundreds of books, it just one hand! No more trips to the book stores! Not to mention buying eBooks are a lot more cheaper because it costs next to nothing to produce.

So with these benefits, which eReader is the true Kingpin? The two leaders in the eReader world are Kobo and of course, the Kindle. Take a look at some of the factors in comparison of the Kobo Glo HD and the Kindle Paperwhite.


Kobo Glo HD



  • Affordable
  • Many options to customise the text and alignment
  • Ability to allow you to load additional custom fonts
  • Rubber grip design
  • Light weight
  • 100 levels of backlight
  • Amazing battery life
  • Crisp high resolution display
  • Smaller and more compact than the Kindle
  • Cheaper price
  • I prefer the Kobo’s cooler toned back light to the Kindle’s warmer tone


  • The kobo store isn’t as extensive as Kindle’s Amazon
  • Kobo sometimes lags when making menu selections or turning pages
  • I don’t like the large empty spaces in the header and footer of the Kobo

Kindle Paperwhite



  • The design looks and feels better compared to Kobo
  • Great battery life
  • Amazon’s vast selection of eBooks
  • Quickly loads content


  • Display isn’t as crisp as the Kobo Glo HD
  • A little larger in size than the Kobo
  • MOBI and PDF compatible only (which is annoying for me because all of the eBooks I own are in ePub. So that is a lot of file conversions for me…)

The Kindle has the ability to hold more books than the Kobo. I think that the Kindle can hold about 1400 books and the Kobo can hold about 1000. But that doesn’t really phase me because I don’t know anyone who has that many books anyways. I probably have a few hundred in my device and I haven’t even read most of them! There is the ability to save your books on the computer anyways, for those avid readers!

In terms of file types, the Kindle can only house MOBI and PDF files. Kobo goes for ePub files which seems to be the more popular type of format. This is something that a Kindle will refuse to open unless you perform a file conversion. However the same applies for the Kobo, a file conversion to ePub format will also need to be done on a MOBI or PDF file. An obstacle in my opinion and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so!

The weight of the Kindle is a tiny bit heavier than the Kobo. The kindle weighs in at 213g and the Kobo at 180g. But it doesn’t really matter, as these are definitely lighter than one paperback novel anyway! The Kindle is also a bit larger than the Kobo. They both have the same size screen at 6” but the rest of the body of the Kindle is slightly larger. I prefer the Kobo in this sense because I think that the size is cute and easy to just pop into my purse.

So how well do they run? The Kobo is a lot more delayed with loading new content when making menu selections or turning pages. However, I think that the Kobo is more easier to use in terms with the keyboard and navigation is better than the Kindle. The graphics are a lot more crisper and clearer with the Kobo than it is with the Kindle.

In conclusion, while the devices both have their pros and cons, I would have to say that I prefer to use the Kobo Glo HD purely because it is programmed to take ePub formatted eBooks. I also love how it is smaller in size and lighter in weight than the Kindle. But this is my preference, so take a look over the pros and cons to see which one will be best for you!