Book Review: 11/22/63 -Stephen King

I need to honestly state that I have never read a Stephen King novel until I have read this one. I don’t know why I arrived so late to the party, I adore reading and I am obsessed with all things horror/thriller. Be that as it may, I figure I felt somewhat intimidated or possibly I didn’t know which of his books to try and begin with.

Being an immense JFK fan, reading about the assassination conspiracy theories and all things about the man himself, I was super excited when I discovered this book and I downloaded it to my Kobo eReader straight away! And so I have read my first King novel and I am totally hooked! 11.22.63 is loaded with tension and has a very compelling story line which makes it extremely difficult to put the book down! It is about history and time travel showing King’s amazing skill as a story teller as he effectively weaves together truth and fiction.


English teacher, Jake Epping, gets himself ready to travel back to 1958. He goes from a universe of current innovation, to a universe of jukeboxes, pompadours and soon thereafter of a grieved introvert named Lee Harvey Oswald. The man who had forever made his mark in history … or did he? Jake’s prime mission is to change the course of history by preventing Oswald’s assassination attempt on JFK. No pressure, Jake!

Rating: 9/10