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About Me... Michelle Lolly and Maisy Blogging
Hello to you and welcome to my website – thank you for visiting! My name is Michelle and I know what you are thinking, “if you are Michelle then who are Lolly and Maisy?!” Well let me tell you a little about this…

Lolly and Maisy are actually the nicknames I had given to my two daughters and so I thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cute if I named my website after my two princesses?” And so lollyandmaisy.com was born and I am now a blogging mommy of three. Yes that’s correct, I said three! I also have a darling little prince who has made our family complete! Jacob is truly an amazing little boy! You can meet my amazing family at the end of this section.

So what can lollyandmaisy.com do for you? Well I specialize in creating cute Printable Planner Inserts! I enjoy making them and I enjoy sharing them with others to use. I find that using planners just simplifies things for myself and my family every day. We are a family of five which of course includes my three children who are at the time of me writing this, aged one, two and three years old. And let me be honest, it can get pretty hectic at times!

So I find that the planners really help to keep all of my ducks in a row and get us through our days as a family. Whether it is with our morning routines, our evening routines. Keeping up with the household duties, finances, work schedules or the kid’s activities and fundraisers/events for daycare. Oh how about myself being the “Family Taxi-Driver” or “Uber-Mom” – as I like to call it when I am getting the kids to where they need to be each day from daycare, swimming classes, library story-time sessions, playgroup and then there is the grocery shopping! – Our planners have us covered and things are swell here in our family home (as hectic as it all may seem!).

Take a look at the variety of planners that I have made available to you. They work for us and I hope that they can work for you too!

I also write articles on blogging. I love to blog and I use this as a creative outlet. On lollyandmaisy.com you will discover handy tips and tricks when it comes to blogging. From the steps to take when you create your first blog, to making your first dollar from monetizing your blog!

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Now lets meet my beautiful family!