27 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

27 WAYS TO INCREASE TRAFFIC to your blog lolly and maisy

You have created your new blog and added some great content that you feel will be valuable to your readers. You can’t wait for the flurry of traffic to come in! But this is where you’ve hit a brick wall. You have little or no traffic.

Don’t be discouraged because you have come to the right place! Let’s cut to the chase and look at how you can increase your blog traffic!

  1. Join link parties
  2. Give your posts compelling headings
  3. Include share buttons on your site
  4. Share your posts on social media
  5. Write valuable content
  6. Include links to your site on your social media bios and email signature
  7. Share your posts on viralcontentbee.com
  8. Choose the right keywords
  9. Write a guest post linking back to your site
  10. Write fresh new blog posts regularly
  11. Write a series on a particular topic to build up the audience’s anticipation
  12. Run a contest or giveaway and tell people to share the post in order to enter
  13. Invest in advertising
  14. Purchase a gig at Fiverr.com that offers to provide traffic to your blog
  15. Optimize your blog for SEO
  16. Send out a newsletter to your mailing list, linking them to your new post
  17. Comment on other blogger’s posts and include backlinks to a similar article you’ve written
  18. Ask other bloggers within your niche who have a large social following, to contribute content to your site
  19. Network with other bloggers by finding the ‘hangout spot’ for other bloggers within your niche and join in with the rest of the community. These can be found on online forums or Facebook groups
  20. Post on social media at a regular schedule and stick to it
  21. Share your content on Triberr.com
  22. Use text-overlays in your images and include your brand’s watermark. Also include keywords in your images
  23. Make 70-100 contacts a day. This can be by leaving a comment on another blogger’s post, sending a personal email (not a bullk mailing list!) or replying to comments on your social media accounts
  24. Use social bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon.com or reddit.com
  25. Tag your influences in your posts and tell them about it. Your influences may be nice enough to share your posts with their followers or they might even mention you in their blog
  26. Include a call-to-action at the end of your posts, asking your readers to please share your post if they enjoyed it and found it to be useful
  27. Answer questions on Quora.com which are relevant to your niche and include links to your blog where it is appropriate


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27 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog lolly and maisy

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