21 Ways to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

21 Ways to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

Do you have a blog that you see potential in? You have worked so hard on your blog and with all of the energy you have invested into it, it would be nice to be rewarded for it! This is when you want to start to monetize your blog!

It is possible to make some impressive income with blogging. It can take a bit of time to monetize your blog and to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t. And if you are wanting to see the big bucks, you will need to put in the time and effort. And a lot of it! Seeing the big money doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t quit your day job just yet!

I have listed 21 suggestions, that you can experiment with to see what works for your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing You can advertise products for other businesses and receive a small comission for all sales that came from your blog. There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that are simple to join.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising This is a popular method bloggers use to monetize their blogs. Google Adsense is the king pin of PPC advertising. How much you receive will depend on how much traffic your site attracts.

3. In-Text Advertising These are sponsored links that are placed within your blog content. They are double underlined to make them stand out and when the mouse is moved over the top of it, a pop-up advertisement will appear. If the user clicks on this pop-up, then you make some money from that.

4. Light Boxes / Pop-Ups These can be very effective if used in the right way. Or they can really put people off from your blog if they are just annoying spammy-looking pop-up ads. I would suggest that the best way to use this is by offering users to sign up to your newsletters and offer a free course, eBook or other digital product that the readers will find appealing.

5. Product Reviews / Sponsored Posts This can be done as a way of affiliate marketing. You write reviews for products or services that are appropriate for your chosen niche. For example, if you have a fashion-based blog, write a review for a dress. Be sure to attach your affiliate link in this and you will make a small commission if your readers buy the dress that you recommended on your blog. You need to be careful with this and only recommend products that you truly believe in. You don’t want to lose your credibility and your audience’s trust.

6. Host Webinars What is a Webinar, you ask? I had no idea what this was either, until a couple of years ago. They are basically seminars streamed over the internet. This is all done live. You sell these virtual ‘seats’ to your live Webinar and share your expertise within your niche. Your audience also have the opportunity to interact with you during the Webinars.

7. Create an e-course You can charge a fee for people who are interested in taking a course that you have created about your speciality subject. The courses can include videos and podcasts as well. Be sure to offer content that is new and cannot be found on your blog for free. You don’t want to charge people to receive information on your course that they can just get for free anyway.

8. Become a Consultant You can charge people a fee for one-on-one consultations. You will be personally sharing your expertise with them individually for a set time. This can be done over the phone or Skype.

9. Membership Site You can offer premium membership for certain areas on your website. Access to these areas will be granted only to the user who have paid for the premium membership and these areas could include exclusive resources and information about your niche.

10. Donations You may have seen the Paypal donation button on some websites. You can use this button on your site and ask users to contribute a small donation to pay for the maintenance of the website, if they found your website helpful.

11. Create and Sell Your Own Digital Products You can write an eBook and sell it on your website. This is a very popular digital product that many other bloggers are selling. You could also sell website templates or themes that you have created. Or you can create and sell printable items like what I offer on this website.

12. Sell Your Own Physical Products You can sell physical books for those who prefer them over an eBook. Or you can sell things that you have made like artwork or handmade crafts.

13. Offer Your Services You can offer your services on your site. For example, you can offer to edit books for people, draw illustrations for people, or offer your tutoring services. Whatever you are experienced at, you can offer to people.

14. Surveys and polls Some companies will pay you to place surveys and polls on your website. Choose surveys and polls which are relevant to your niche. Your visitors will take part in them and you will get paid for it.

15. Sell Advertising Space You can offer advertising space on your website for a fixed amount that will be agreed upon beforehand. This will require your website to generate a good amount of traffic first though.

16. Pay Per Play Advertising These are audio advertisements that are played automatically when someone visits your webpage. They are a few seconds long and cannot be stopped by the visitor. This can be a little annoying to the visitors though and it may deter them from returning to your website again. However, it does have the ability to pay quite well.

17. Newsletters When you grow your mailing list, you can generate more income by using email marketing. In your weekly newsletters, you can promote new products and offers to your subscribers. When people receive these emails, it can also encourage them to revisit your site. Be careful not to spam your subscribers though. It is best to send them once a week.

18. Cost Per Mile Advertising This is a little like Pay Per Click advertising but instead of getting paid per click, you get paid depending on the amount of page views your website receives. This method of monetizing your blog is best suited for those with a good flow of traffic coming through their site.

19. Hold Giveaways In addition to receiving a freebie product from the company which you have teamed up with to promote this giveaway product, you can also charge the company a small fee on top of this.

20. Exclusive Forums / Groups You can charge people to gain access to an exclusive forum or Facebook group where you discuss your niche with other members. It is important that you provide your paying uses with content that can’t be found on your blog.

21. Sell Your Blog For whatever reason you choose this option, whether it is just not working out for you, you have lost interest in it or you just don’t have the time any more. You can auction off your blog. I know some people who have done this and have made thousands from it. A good site for doing this will be flippa.com.


Monetizing your blog may take a lot of trials and errors but don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work for you. You will eventually find what does work for your blog if you have the patience and the perseverance.

Creating great content is the best thing that you can do for your blog. So make producing regular quality content your main focus and you will see your income grow overtime. Blogging regularly will help to generate more traffic, which will definitely help when you want to monetize your blog.


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21 Ways to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

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