18 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts

18 ways to effectively promote your blog posts lolly and maisy

You have written your blog content and have hit the publish button. So, what’s next? You must get people to read it! You didn’t just do all of that hard work for nothing! You need to promote your content so that it can be discovered and read by a ton of people! But if you have zero experience in marketing, then this task could be a little daunting. Well, I am going to share 18 tactics that you can use to promote your blog content and gain some fantastic exposure!

Let’s take a look at some of the methods you can use to promote your blog content now!

1. Newsletters – Use email marketing as a way of getting your new blog post in front of people. Send a quick email out to your subscribers, summarizing what your blog post is about and include a link to the new post.

2. Forums – Tell people to check your new blog post out on an online forum which is relevant to your niche.

3. Share With Fellow Bloggers – Share your new content with other bloggers who have written similar content. They may be kind enough to include a link to your content in their post.

4. Link Your Old Posts – Link your older but relevant blog posts into your new post to keep the older ones alive.

5. Choose the Correct Keywords – Only choose keywords that will most likely to be searched by people and be sure that they are relevant to your post.

6. Set Up an RSS Feed – A lot of people prefer to read posts using an RSS reader so set yours up (this is already done for you if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform) and let your audience know it’s available to them.

7. Use Google XML – Install the Google XML Sitemap plugin for WordPress. It helps to get your new posts indexed faster by search engines.

8. Youtube – With over a billion users worldwide, it makes sense to promote your content using Youtube. Record yourself summarizing your latest post and include a link to the post in the description.

9. Use a Catchy Headline – The headline is one of the most important things that you have to get right when it comes to your blog posts. This is because if you have a headline that doesn’t grab the reader’s interest, then they will not bother to click on the link to read the actual post.

10. Shares – Ask your readers to share your posts as this small gesture can greatly improve your exposure. Include social media sharing buttons to make it simple for your readers to share the content.

11. Choose the Best Times to Post – The best times to share your new blog posts are: 9am – 11am

12. Search Engine Marketing – Try using search engine marketing such as Google Adwords.

13. Social Media – Use sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr to promote your new content.

14. Share Multiple Times – You can share your content multiple times. Just be sure to switch up the headlines used to promote your new post. Using the same headline can looking spammy and annoying.

15. Images – Use clear and eye-catching images with a text overlay including the headline of your new post.

16. Social Bookmarking – Add your blog posts to social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon.com in order to reach a new audience.

17. Meta Description – Write an engaging summary on how the readers can benefit from the article.

18. Guest Post – Write a guest post and include a link to your content that is relevant to the guest post.

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18 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts lolly and maisy


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